Jason Belmonte is the reigning three-time PBA Player of the Year. He’s a phenomenal talent, and his style is as unique as his grit and determination to succeed. With his revolutionary two-handed technique, Jason is one of a kind, yet he understands that you may not roll the ball in the same fashion. Whether you bowl with one hand or two, the new Timeless has what it takes to help you string strikes.

Jason is a master of ball motion, and, lucky for you, he is looking to share some of his knowledge obtained both on and off the lanes. He knows that one’s equipment is a critical part of both your and his success. That’s why he wanted to build an amazing ball from the ground up and has done so with the innovative new Timeless. This drive, this determination, is what fueled the engineering of the unique Dual-Drive weight block. It’s an industry first!

R2S coverstock material is synonymous with the Storm name. Found on some of the most successful balls in history, R2S glides through the early part of the lane with the most dynamic breakpoint shape found in today’s modern game. When primed at 1500-grit polished, the Timeless is sure to handle drier heads while amplifying down-lane motion and entry angle.


Coverstock: R2S Hybrid Reactive
Core: Dual-Drive
Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Ball Color: Blue Solid / Platinum & Black Pearls
Durometer: 73-75 Rex D-scale
Flare Potentional: 5"- 6" (High)
Fragrance: Aromatherapy - Citrus


Gewicht RG Diff MB
16 2.54 .051  
15 2.57 .050  
14 2.59 .049  
13 2.59 .045  
12 2.65 .035  


Dolfijn Proshopprijs: € 211,00


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