Optimus Solid

Science and engineering has brought us some of the most powerful yet forgiving core designs of the modern era. The dynamically charged Tri-Sphere™ Core brings new meaning to the term ‘Power Personified.’ As launched in the original Optimus, this shape is unique and powerful, aggressive yet predictable. And it has the added benefit of simplicity of drilling layouts.

Bowlers everywhere are loving this design and choosing the Optimus for a clean skid-flip reaction. But when it seems like there is an entire barrel of oil on your lane, you now have an even better option with the Optimus Solid thanks to the superior traction of its 2000-grit R2X™ shell. This core and shell are a striking combination!

Coverstock: R2X Solid Reactive
Core: Thri-Sphere Core
Ball Finish: 2000-grit Pad
Ball Color: Red/Navy/Yellow
Fragrance: Cranberry Craze
Durometer: 74-76 Rex D-scale 
Flare Potentional: 5"-6" (High) 


Gewicht RG Diff MB
16 2.47 .048  
15 2.48 .048  
14 2.53 .046  
13 2.59 .045  
12 2.65 .035  


Dolfijn Proshopprijs: € 187,00



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